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We were iugoWerx. We are now Levvel. New site coming soon.



The people we present must have worked with us in the past or come through a referral from someone who has.



We guarantee the right person the first time. We not only ensure that our people can do the job, we ensure they fit within your corporate culture.



Transition your contracted employee to full time at no extra cost and with no hassle

The Companies That We Connect

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Assess Your Needs

We work with you to discover the true needs of the positions that you need filled.  We then use that information to locate the best possible candidates.

The Right Person The First Time

Constantly switching personnel is a time and money waster.  We know and can vouch for every professional in our network.

Seamless Transition to Permanent Position

Unlike other staffing companies, we don’t hold our people back.  If you want to take them on full time, we will work with you to make that happen.

If they aren't a good fit, it costs you money and time.

Having the right person for the right job is critical to your success. Knowing they fit in with your team minimizes stress and avoids having to “start over”

When you fill a skilled technical position with the wrong person, it costs you time and money. That’s why having a company you can trust that has built its entire network on people they know means you can rest easy knowing you will get the best person the first time every time. (Read More)

Staffing has traditionally been a pool of resumes that can be called on to fill a position.  Resumes of people that the staffing company has never met or had any experience with.  With iugoWerx, you get an experienced talent who we can vouch for.  It is a nuance that can mean the difference between frustration and satisfaction.

Our pricing model is completely different from traditional staffing companies.  We also will not hold a talented hire back should you want to bring them into your organization permanently.  Our sole objective is to connect your organization with the most talented person for the job, period.

iugoWerx is the company that connects. Find out how we can revolutionize your staffing experience.

“ I personally appreciate the monthly touch points to ensure a 2 way feedback loop so both companies have an opportunity to execute continuous improvement. Our team really enjoy working with iugoWerx.  They are responsive, flexible and their focus on quality is evident in the candidates that are provided to us.  We also appreciate the flexibility to hire their subcontracted candidates at no additional cost should we choose to do so….and we have.“

Sean - Transportation Company

“iugoWerx provide us with people that not only meet the functional and technical requirements of the roles we seek but also the cultural nuances as well.  We do not have the time to sift through a mountain of resumes for the best candidate so having someone we trust to do this for us has saved us a lot of time and money.”

Peter - Telecommunications Company
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