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Structure change so your team will embrace it.

Identify | Analyze | Mitigate

The Companies That We Connect

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Proven Process

We are proud to be LaMarsh Global’s exclusive, licensed affiliate in Canada and proud to be using their Managed Change methodology to help our clients. Over 500 companies have benefited from these core principles to embrace change. Move from resistance to momentum.

Planning and Implementation

Change is inevitable yet stressful. We analyze your company’s unique culture and create a plan that leverages change agents in your organization and mitigates areas of resistance that can bog down progress

On Time / On Budget

Change is required to stay competitive. Not managed correctly, you can fall behind, costing you time and lost revenue.

Identify & Prepare

Let’s meet so we can see how changing from current state to desired state can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

Plan & Implement

We focus on the people side of change to accurately identify and reduce employee resistance while leveraging the support of change agents and boosters in the organization.

Sustainability Plan

Change is constant, so we help you develop a plan to manage change as it emerges in the future.

Why Manage Change?

A 2013 study by IBM concluded that 59% of projects that involved change for an organization failed in one or more critical areas and in many cases, completely (Read More)

Failure has many consequences beyond the project at hand, some of these include turnover of key personnel, loss of revenue, falling behind the competition and lost costs invested in the project initially to name a few.

When embarking on a change many factors get overlooked that are critical to the success of the project.  Issues such as organizational culture, over reliance on technology and fuzzy objectives make it difficult for team members to execute and contribute effectively to the desired outcome.

Managed Change involves the organized, systematic application of the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to effect change in the people who will be impacted by it directly or indirectly.

Instead of change feeling imposed and creating resistance, it allows for an understanding and embrace of the new objectives.  The result is an on-time on-budget project that meets its objectives.

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